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Life is a progressive experience, a life-long classroom in which we learn who we are, what we mean to ourselves and others, and what our value is in the world around us. These experiences start earlier than our first breath, and continue as a collective to shape us in the most subtle of ways. Every action, response, word, thought and deed creates another cell of experience that has become You as you are today.

Have you ever felt unheard or unacknowledged?
Have you ever felt stuck and you couldn’t move forward?
Or maybe that your feelings or who you are don’t really matter?


The Next Bold Step: Learning to Love And Value Yourself, And Know That You Matter! delivers powerful personal technology to answer the secret heartache of , “I feel like I don’t matter,” and restore happiness, fulfillment and success.

With rare personal authenticity, author Kathryn Tull skillfully guides you to authentic self-value, powerful skills, and personal mastery to create the empowered life you desire right now.

Easy to read with inspired examples and exercises, you will learn

  • how to honor the past to reclaim your power in the present;

  • understand why you feel the way you do;

  • learn masterful skills for communication and respectful relationships; 

  • effective internal self care;

  • timeless principles for your personal success.

The Next Bold Step: Learning to Love And Value Yourself, And Know That You Matter!  will touch, move and inspire you to restore and ignite your true value – and get the most out of life right now!

You can take the next bold step to have the life that have you want and deserve – and this book is your roadmap!

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By Cam
I read The Next Bold Step and feel recharged and grounded. I gave myself the gift of time and savored every chapter. I pondered the questions posed and reflected on the exercises as I did them. I benefited from actively reading The Next Bold Step so much that I went and bought three more copies for three dear friends. I am sure they will be sharing this book with more of their friends!
By Happycarrot
Kathryn Tull's book is like a road map, a reassuring friend and a life coach, all rolled into one. As I read The Next Bold Step, I began to look at myself and my relationships in a new light. It's like after years of wandering around in this journey called life, I've finally been handed a road map that is detailed and easy to understand. And I'm not taking this journey alone either. I've got this book to keep me on track, like a friend who doesn't judge but understands. And best of all, I'm reminded that I have the love I've been searching for all along, inside of me, with me. It's in all of us. Learn to love yourself and claim your power back! We all matter.