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Robert N. Redondo Beach, CA
Kathryn Tull is a gifted professional that took the time to understand the difficult challenges that I encountered with my divorce. She listened to me and helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Through working with Kathryn she gave me the direction that I needed and provided a safe place to dicuss my feelings. Although I went through a range of emotions, Kathryn was always there to provide me witht the tools to understand what I was feeling and how to approach things in a healthy way.I am now in a very friendly relationship with my ex-wife, and in a great new relationship as well. I highly recommend Kathryn to anyone needing relationship advice or support.
Maygan O. Inglewood, CA
My husband and I went to see kathryn to work out some issues and I couldn't have asked for a more desirable outcome. She is truly gifted at helping couples communicate better and actually gives strategies that work, rather than only  telling you what the problem is.  she is such a pro- in all aspects. If you are looking for someone that is effective, insightful, professional, and reputable, call kathryn. After only seeing her 6 times, our communication, and marriage, is better than ever!
Kristina H. San Pedro, CA
Kathryn is an effective communicator which transcends no matter the forum. Whether she is publicly speaking, delivering an educational lecture or through the therapy she provides, she allows you to be who you need to be and her knowledge and compassion envelop you. Class Act.
Joan S. Glendale, CA
Kathryn has been counseling our foster daughter for a few years. During that time, I've seen tremendous growth in our daughter and in our ability to communicate. She has seen our daughter through some very rough times, treating her with great compassion. Kathryn really goes the extra mile for her patients.
Richard C. Los Angeles, CA
I came to Kathryn with a marital matter a couple of years ago. Compassion is usually the watchword in these cases but, without action, it's meaningless. Kathryn not only asks the right questions, she carefully considers the answers and then produces a plan of action. It's a rare therapist who cares enough to state her mind whether the client will like what is said or not. Compassionate, yes, but with the courage to actually help. That's Kathryn Tull.
Sonia G. Los Angeles, CA
If you are looking for a professional therapist Kathryn is it! She reminds me of the type of therapist you see in the movies!! Her voice is so calm as is her demeanor. She has helped to guide me through so much in such a little time, I have been to other therapists before but she is the only one I will ever need. My search stops here. She has been able to help me with so many issues, and I have barely touched the surface. She has been through so many 'life' issues in her own life that she knows what she is talking about. Whether it be work, personal, family or marriage she has the power to help you through it all. She allows you to be comfortable and let her guidance and experiences help you. I will be continuing my therapy with her for a long time to come, and I highly recommend her.


"Your presentation was tremendously powerful!"
Dr. Sylvie Taylor, Ph.D., CA

"I will look out for new trainings with your name on it!"
Orien Smith, New Jersey

"You are truly gifted and I see you will make a difference. You truly are champagne in a soda pop world."
Michelle Zdankiewicz, Pennsylvania

"I have never seen this group -- which normally chats through every speaker -- listen so intently!"
Robin Spellman, CA

"You are as good a speaker as they come!"
Dr. Paul Carlo, Ph.D., CA

"Kathryn is going to go places and do great things."
Dr. Eric Day, Ph.D., CA

"Thank you for going out of your way to address my specific questions!" "I promise to read the workbook later, I was too busy listening!"
Zofia Minyarz, New Jesey

"It was a pleasure meeting you and having you make two presentations to the survivors of domestic abuse in my workshops. They were a huge success, and the women are still talking about you.

The two workshops worked out very well, with the tirst being the telling of your story , which the women could relate to, and the second being practical information as to how they can market themselves for the future. Your "dress for success" discussion hit home, and the women were amazed that they could look as good as you do on a budget. It gave them great hope for the future, that they could be successful and independent women.

One of our major goals is raising our clients' self-esteem, which has been diminished over years of abuse and violence. Meeting you elevated their self-esteem and gave them hope for the future.
Dianne Gorsey, Workshop Coordinator

“I would like to express my appreciation to you for taking the time out of your schedule to brief our Military Police Soldiers. This training has greatly educated our Law Enforcement personnel and has provided valuable information to them in reaction to domestic violence cases. Your instruction was extremely well organized and the presentation was truly inspirational to our young MPs who work on the road on a daily basis.

Your shared experiences truly heightened the awareness of domestic violence and how to deal with domestic violence situations. Your suggestions for improvements will be implemented in our organization as we approach these incidents when they occur. We will be mindful to approach each incident with the training that we have received and with a heart of understanding. Your willingness to share your experiences and time was truly moving and greatly appreciated.
Hans F. Hunt
Major, Military Police
Provost Marshal
United States Army Military Police
6thArea Support Group

“It would have saved me years of hard-line experience if I had the practical solutions she offers. Know what is vital to the success of your business, enhance skills for confident prediction and avert crisis management.”
James C. Collins,
Chairman Emeritus,
Sizzler International, Inc.

"I’m writing to thank you for the inspiring coaching and marketing support you have given me in the past several weeks.

Even though I’m articulate and I often know what I want to say, I have never felt so confident presenting myself, as I have been since our working together. This is true both for the development of my web site and for my public speaking. You were able, so quickly, to transform my words into a powerful marketing tool. I know this is so because the feedback I am getting from my audience is the most positive I have ever experienced.

Thank you for helping me to take my next bold step. It feels great."
Lynda Malerstein, C.Ht.
Power Journeys Hypnosis

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful marketing workshop you provided for the Executive Support Network on March 7th, 2002.

Network members were very pleased with your presentation and I received comments stating that your style and passion made the workshop fun. The participants really enjoyed taking an active role which made the time fly by, and learning easy."
Eddie Mae Williams
Executive Director

I cherish our friendship and your mentoring.....Kathryn...You have given me the Courage to change my life and I am truly grateful for the opportunity of having you in my life. God has given me a path to follow and he has given me the opportunities and has placed people in my life who inspire me to change. I am forever grateful to you for opening my heart to the pain that has been hidden and given me the ability to be transparent. Thanks My friend....YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Wayne

This instructor brings her personal experience with DV into her teaching and uses it in a most effective & powerful way. Her passion for her work and the material is contagious. She makes a difficult subject relevant and meaningful. Encouraged classroom discussion. Great job!

The best workshop yet! Very positive/ useful course Good information to utilize as a therapist. I truly appreciate the instructors passion for the subject. Great class, excellent teacher. The instructor is excellent!

This class was a great gift; Kathryn is an amazing, caring, passionate teacher and a person. Looking forward to having more classes with Kathryn. Thank you very much!

Daisy Eagan

Thank you so much for being such a warm and kind teacher for such a very sad and dark and unfortunate topic. I got so much out of just listening to you be brave in talking about all your personal experience with domestic abuse. You were really wonderful and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the two days and your warmth.
From Deborah

I have learned so much from your workshop and it has become apart of my vision in becoming a therapist. I see the great need to support children and their families of not only the divorce process, but the domestic violence that comes in so many different forms!! You are an amazing teacher and I am very grateful to know you!!
From Wendy

Thanks for the heartfelt and thought provoking class. writing this paper was quite an insightful journey for me
From Richard

Thank you again for teaching such an interesting and educating class. I'll never forget what I learned.
From Jamie

A Thank You doesn't quite seem enough when it comes to expressing how much I value the care taken in the writing of your last response. I'm appreciative in many ways and many levels of your not only contacting me, but connecting.

Words have such infinite power. I'm keeping all of the words that you sent, but these five meant so much to me when I read them, I'm sending them back so I can share them with you:

“So no shame, my friend and student, no shame.
Thank you for revealing parts of yourself and our heartfelt authenticity to me.
I am honored.”

From Gregory

Kathryn I want to share with you that I put your lecture on conflict resolution/management, and non-violent communication, into practice to diffuse tension and encourage conflict resolution in class last night and specifically addressed the unmet need of someone who was being disruptive and agitating to the class. Interestingly a majority of the students wanted to shy away and not deal with this sensitive issue. I used empathy to communicate my concern and desire to understand the person better and reflect what I was experiencing to express my concern. The person broke down and cried as she realized her conflict/resentment issues has been haunting her for her whole life, and she acknowledged the need to face the pain of her resentments/defensiveness and stop projecting pain and anger onto others as a reactive/defense mechanism. She was not her pain as you have taught me. It was a very powerful experience to see my education put into practice and see it create possibility in someone.
From Michael

I just wanted to thank you for a very memorable semester in your class. I learned a LOT from not only your lectures, but from your interactions with the students. I also learned much about myself, even though I entered your classroom thinking I had myself all figured out.
From Terese